Light Green Multani King Size bed sheet, Gultex bed sheet, Gultex online in pakistan


Color: Light green
Size: King size
Dimensions: 239 CM x 215.5 CM
Fabrics: Cotton Mix

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Gultex Multani Bed sheet King size(Light Green)

Multani gultex Bed sheets are famous all over world, its original gultex multani bed sheet. Below are some details of  bed sheet in Pakistan. These are traditional multani bed sheets online available at the leading online store in Pakistan. These multani bed sheets are lowest in price available at

Gultex bed sheet Specifications

Color: Light Green
Size: King Size
Dimensions: 239 CM x 215.5 CM
Fabrics: Cotton Mix

Dimension are most important, please review it properly.

These gultex multani bed sheets are famous in the world. These are made of mix cotton and are perfect for you home. These are made with high quality machine, gultex bed sheets are famous due to their quality and material. The desing on gultex bed sheets is made using thread per inch. Bed sheets we first introduce in 15th century, initially it was white color then designing was added. Gultex bed sheets  are famous of their desing and colors.

Bed Sheet:

bed sheet is a rectangular piece of cloth used either singly or in a pair as bedding, being placed immediately below or above bed occupants. A top sheet, in the many countries where they are used, is a flat sheet, immediately under which bed occupants lie. A bottom sheet is laid above the mattress and bed occupants lie on it. A bottom sheet may be either a flat sheet, or a fitted sheet, which has been sewn to form a large pocket around the top, sides and bottom edge of a mattress, with elastic or a drawstring in the hem to stop it slipping off the bottom of the mattress. Blankets, quilts, duvets, comforters and other bed covers are laid over the top sheet.


Cotton and cotton blends dominate the market. The most common blend being cotton and polyester. Cotton provides absorbency and a soft hand, while polyester adds durability and wrinkle resistance. Gultex bed sheets are also a major type and it covers the central punjab. gultex online is now available at

please double Check the sizes of gultex bed sheet